About Us

Learn the secrets of the beauty professionals, in the comfort of your own home.

Foreword from Bitesize Beauty head honchos, Sharron and Nina

“Contrary to how the saying goes, in our experience beauty isn’t only skin deep. We know that getting things right on the outside can truly boost what’s happening on the inside. Possessing beauty skill confidence can boost inner confidence, increase your levels of happiness and promote health and well-being. By understanding the beauty fundamentals – the principles that underpin our own Bitesize Beauty values and beliefs – we know it can open up a whole new world where people have the ability to learn how to look and feel their full beauty potential. With Bitesize Beauty we have formulated the ideal complexion collection; an offer of the best of the beauty basics.

Our modules are straight forward easy to learn treatment packages; access to learning we strongly believe need not be hidden behind salon doors, but should be out in the open for everyone to learn!

We are so proud of the product we have created here. As former college lecturers, we know that learning beauty needs not only to be therapeutic and uplifting, it needs to be exciting, engaging and most of all, at a pace where the learner themselves are in charge, that’s you by the way!

We hope you enjoy BB as much as we have enjoyed creating it.

TTFN Sharron and Nina xx”

Nina Brown

Sharron Morton