We have all seen aloe vera used in a gel form to treat sunburn but what other skincare products can it be found in ?
Lets take a look…..

Julie Woodward, a Forever business owner told me “The Aloe Vera Company has been around for 40 years.”

Aloe Vera fields Texas

The Forever Aloe Vera fields are in Texas where they are the largest grower and manufacturer in the world.

The company produce 200 different products from health drinks, teas and vitamins to skincare products.



Julie has worked with the Forever products for 14 years and provided me with a huge selection of products to sample.
I chose 7 products that would allow me to give myself an indulgent mini facial. Although the products are from various Forever ranges, they are designed to complement each other.

My 7 Step Forever Facial Treatment

1. Cleanse – Sonya Refreshing Gel Cleanser
A thick gel that glides easily onto the skin requiring only a light touch. It has a refreshing smell and works itself into a lather on the skin. I found it to be an extremely effective cleanser and fabulous at removing face make-up.
2. Tone – Balancing Toner
I applied the toner to a damp cotton pad before wiping over my face and neck in an upwards direction. Having very little smell, it felt cooling and refreshing and was gentle on my skin. The toner left my skin very wet, so I used a tissue to blot off the excess. (Evaporation of toner can dry the skin out so always blot)
3. Exfoliate – Smoothing Exfoliator
I applied this fine textured scrub to my slightly dampened skin using circular movements, only a small amount was needed. On removal I was surprised to find that I didn’t have red cheeks which many other exfoliators leave me with. This fabulous exfoliator has just been awarded “Highly Commended” at the recent Beauty Awards
4. Mask – Forever Marine Mask
A cream formulation which I thinly applied over the face and neck. I felt a cooling and tightening sensation and was surprised to find that after 15 minutes the mask had set, it was then easily removed with a warm damp flannel. My skin was left feeling smooth and hydrated and my pores were refined. Some areas of my skin were left slightly pink, but they soon calmed down.
5. Serum – Sonya Aloe Nourishing Serum
A gel consistency that gave my skin an ultra-smooth finish. Initially after application a silky residue was left on my skin’s surface but after a few minutes this disappeared to leave a beautiful base which would be ideal to apply make-up over.
6. Eye Cream – Awakening Eye Cream
A white gel consistency which glides on smoothly with no dragging. Ideal for those who apply their eye cream with a gliding action rather than the recommended patting application technique.
7. Day Cream – Protecting Day Lotion
A cream-based product that has a great pump applicator on the tube rather than having to squeeze. After application, my skin felt hydrated and looked smooth. The day lotion also contains a SPF 20 sunscreen.
Over my 1-week trial of the Forever products I used the cleanser, toner, serum, eye cream and moisturiser twice a day and gave myself 2 facials.

My Results

My skin looked beautiful, smooth, glowing and youthful in fact I found myself going out without wearing make-up which is something I wouldn’t normally do.

My Favourite product

Sorry but unable to choose just one as I loved them all. However, if really pressed I absolutely loved the cleanser and exfoliator.

If you would like to know more about how to look after your skin, apply products correctly or give yourself, family and friends a facial our Bitesize Beauty Facial package is full of tips and tricks designed by professionals just for you.

The Forever Aloe Vera products and information are available by visiting www.julie.myforever.biz/shop

Wishing you fabulous facial skin always
Nina & Sharron