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Beauty Therapy Teaching Resources

Inspire and Motivate your Learners with our Innovative Workbook and Video Teaching Resource Package

Bitesize Beauty have created Bitesize Beauty Pro exclusively designed for Colleges, Academies and Schools and covering the latest national occupational standards and specifications for all major awarding bodies delivering a Level 2 Beauty Therapy qualification.

Bitesize Beauty Pro can be blended into the classroom delivery and/or used as a tool to promote independent learning. Suitable for full or part-time students and ideal for the Apprenticeship or Distance Learning routes.

Bitesize Beauty Pro

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Teaching and learning resources for Colleges and Academies. This complete resource package contains: printable, user friendly, fun, and engaging student workbooks, tutor marking guides and step by step video lessons and is designed to enrich the learner journey, raise attainment, and reduce tutor workloads.

Subjects covered include:

Anatomy & Physiology, Core Knowledge, Facial Treatments, Manicure Treatments, Pedicure Treatments, Eyelash Treatments, Eyebrow treatments, Make-up Applications, Waxing and Glossary of Terms.


The Workbooks

  • Easy to follow handouts provide theoretical and practical knowledge and are colour coded to identify subject knowledge, health and safety notes, tips, and activities.
  • Fillable activity worksheets integrated throughout the workbooks allow the learner to demonstrate their understanding.
  • Assignment based tasks and case study work promote stretch and challenge and develop problem solving skills.
  • Multiple choice questions check knowledge and understanding and identify areas for development.
  • Tutor answer guides are included to assist delivery and marking.
  • A-Z Glossary included to support understanding of specific words and terms.

The Videos

  • Step by step video lessons, with audio and subtitles, demonstrate and support practical learning, connect theory to practical, provide additional support and allow the learner to reflect and prepare for assessment.

Our Bitesize Beauty Pro Package is supplied on a USB for easy access.

1 review for Bitesize Beauty Pro

  1. Nicola Cooper

    Bitesize Beauty Pro is an excellent set of resources to use with learners studying Beauty Therapy. The workbooks are informative, easy to understand and thorough. Videos are of a high quality and demonstrate professional treatment protocols with due regard to Health and Safety, Contra-indications, client care and after care advice. The resources can be easily embedded into a VLE, printed versions of the learning materials look very professional and the tutor guides are comprehensive.
    The Bitesize Beauty Pro resources support learners to work independently, both in class and at home and has proved to be a valuable addition to the Beauty Therapy Department at the Sheffield College.

    • Nina

      Hi Nicola,
      Thank you so much for your excellent review. We are delighted that your students and tutors found Bitesize Beauty Pro to be a valuable resource.

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Sample Materials

To view further samples of the materials included in Bitesize Pro please contact us.

Workbook Content Includes:

Anatomy and Physiology

Introduction to the Human Body, Functions and Structure of the Skin, Function and Structure of the Hair, Functions and Structure of the Nail, Skeletal System, Bones of the Skull, Bones of the Chest, Shoulder, Arm and Hand, Bones of the Leg and Foot, Muscular System, Muscles of the Head, Face and Shoulder, Muscles of the Arm and Hand, Muscles of the Leg and Foot, The Circulatory System, Blood Supply to the Head, Face and Neck, Blood Supply to the Arm and Hand, Blood Supply to the Leg and Foot, Lymphatic System, Structure and Function of the Eyes, Multiple-Choice Questions.

Core Knowledge

Legal Responsibilities in the Work Place, Sterilisation and Sanitisation, Infection Control and Hygiene, Safe and Professional Working Practices, Sustainable and Cost-effective Working Practices, Professionalism, Consultation Techniques, Understanding and Embracing Diversity, General Contra-indications, Creative Retailing, Reception Duties and Multiple-Choice Questions.

Facial Treatments

Introduction to Facial Treatments, Contra-indications, Preparation of the Facial Work Area, Cleansing Products, Toning Lotions, Moisturisers, Exfoliants, Masks Specialist Treatment Products, Consultation, Skin Analysis, Factors that Influence the Skin Type and Skin Condition, Skin Types, Conditions and Characteristics, Facial Routine, Superficial and Deep Cleansing Treatments, Skin Warming Treatments ,Extractions, Facial Massage Products and Movements, Facial Massage Routine, Step by Step Movements, Contra-actions, Aftercare Advice, Male Facial Treatments and Multiple-Choice Questions.

Manicure Treatments

Introduction to Manicure Treatments, Preparation of the Manicure Work Area, Consultation, Treatable Nail Conditions, Manicure Procedure, Buffing, Filing the Free Edge Cuticle Work, Hand and Forearm Massage, Hand and Nail Treatments, Nail Painting,
Aftercare and Homecare Advice, Case Studies and Multiple-Choice Questions.

Pedicure Treatments

Introduction to Pedicure Treatments, Contra-indications, Preparation of the Pedicure Work Area, Consultation, Treatable Nail and Skin Conditions, Pedicure Procedure, Filing the Free Edge, Cuticle Work, Foot and Lower Leg Massage, Foot and Nail Treatments, Nail Painting Aftercare and Homecare Advice, Case Studies and Multiple-Choice Questions.

Eyelash Treatments

Introduction to Eyelash Treatments, Contra-indications, Preparation of the Eyelash Treatment Work Area, Skin Sensitivity Tests, Tinting Products, Consultation, Eyelash Tint Procedure, Contra-actions, Tinting Aftercare and Homecare Advice, Artificial Lash Products and Equipment, Introduction to Artificial Lashes, Flare Lash and Strip Lash Procedure, Flare Lash Removal, Strip and Flare Lash, Aftercare Advice, Introduction to Semi-permanent Lash Extensions, Semi-permanent Lash Procedure , Aftercare Advice and Multiple-Choice Questions.

Eyebrow Treatments

Introduction to Eyebrow Treatments, Contra-indications, Preparation of the Eyebrow Treatment Area, Skin Sensitivity Test, Superficial Eye Cleanse Routine, Consultation, Choosing an Eyebrow Shape, Eyebrow Shapes to Compliment Face Shapes, Guidelines for Eyebrow Shaping, Eyebrow Shape Procedure, Eyebrow Artistry, Tinting Products, Eyebrow Tint Procedure, Contra-actions, Aftercare Advice and Multiple-Choice Questions.

Waxing Treatments

Introduction to Waxing Treatments, Hair Removal Methods, Contra-indications, Waxing Products, Preparation of the Waxing Area, Client Preparation and Working Techniques, Waxing Procedures, Contra-actions, Aftercare Advice and Multiple-Choice Questions.

Make-up Applications

Introduction to Make-up, Contra-indications, Preparation of the Make-up Work Area, Skin Preparation Products, Tools and Equipment, Primers, Concealers, Foundations, Contour Products, Face Powders, Blushers, Bronzers, Eyeshadows, Eyeliners, Eyebrow Products, Mascaras, Lip Products, Sealers, Skin Tones, Introduction to Corrective Make-up, Corrective Techniques for different Face, Eye and Lip Shapes, Adapting the Make-up for Different Occasions, Consultation, Skin Types, Conditions and Characteristics, Skin Preparation Procedure, Make-up Procedure, Contra-actions, Aftercare and Homecare Advice and Multiple-Choice Questions.