Instant Magic Facial Dry Sheet Mask
Boasts – Expert facialist results in just 15 minutes.
Hydrates, lifts, reduces wrinkles, smooths and brightens.

Observing the 5 easy to follow instructions on the back of the “hygiene mask pouch”.
I unfolded the “Dry Sheet Mask” and applied the pink side to my pre-cleansed and toned skin.
The mask incorporated loops at the sides and bottom which slotted over my ears to hold in place.
Using my fingertips, I smoothed the mask to fit over my facial contours.
Once applied I gently massage over the top of the mask to activate it, then relax for 15 minutes.

A word of warning – I must recommend you apply the mask when you know you will be totally alone as my daughter was very upset by my appearance!

My Results – Wow !

A definite reduction of the fine lines across my forehead and at the sides of my eyes.                                                                                                                                    My skin looks plumped.
There is a wonderful fresh glow to my skin.
A moist residue is on the surface of my skin which when blotted with a tissue remains. I like the moist feeling, but some may not.

The mask has taken 7 years of development and features ingredients which are clinically proven* to reduce wrinkles, smooth and brighten, lift and hydrate your skin exactly where it needs it.
Contains vitamins, floral extracts, oils & butters and peptides which are delivered directly into the 3rd layer of the epidermis.
*Tested on 30 women with the mask been used 3 times over a 14-day period.

The mask has the texture of a dry baby wipe, once applied I felt a slight tingling and a warmth to my face.
On completion of the 15 minutes relax time, I carefully removed the mask and refolded it before resealing it in the “hygiene pouch”, ready to be used twice more.

So to confirm – the answer is YES this mask is as fabulous as people say!